23 Jan
Our Goal

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Our Business is a brand-new, breakthrough app that provides moms and dads keeping track of capabilities on their child's mobile phones. Utilizing this app provides moms and dads the choice to establish a schedule, along with adult controls, for any or all their child's gadgets. The very best part: it's all done from the moms and dads gadget, which serves as a remote.


It's easy to set up, and easy to use. When the app is downloaded to the moms and dads’ gadget, it will trigger you to establish profiles for any kid’s gadgets that you want to handle.When an Our Business profile is set up on a child's iPhone, iPod, or iPad, moms and dads can establish a schedule of their child's access to Safari, bought apps, and media, on every gadget Our Business is allowed on. Each gadget can be arranged and managed individually, all from the moms and dads’ "remote" gadget.


Do you capture your child viewing motion pictures when she should be sleeping? Is your child playing video games, when he is expected to be studying? This app enables you to pick exactly what your child can use their mobile phone for, when. Perhaps you enable films up until your child's bedtime, however, limit access to Safari? Or permit Safari for studying, however, switch off access to apps and films. Or, limit Safari gains access to entirely. The control is in your hands.

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